Bringing New Energy in EDM

Located in Augusta, Georgia, electronic music artist Bassfusion is well-known in the local music scene. Combining both Top 40 and electronic tracks, his ultimate goal is to create a memorable and energetic atmosphere, including nightclubs, birthdays, and weddings. By introducing popular tracks mixed with his signature electronic sound, Bassfusion brings a new level of energy to the crowd.

 From an early age, Bassfusion, AKA Wade Kehoe, showed a genuine talent and affinity for all genres of music. After studying both classical and jazz, and learning to play several instruments, he was introduced to EDM. His love of EDM turned into hosting private events and parties, eventually leading to regularly scheduled events in downtown Augusta.

Bassfusion has performed at Prime Musical Festival, with Run DMT and Darude at Own the Night (2015), and at Kingdom Rave with Laxx, Mija, and Metro Boomin. He also performed with Caked Up at Sky City in Augusta and with Jimmie Page at Sole in Augusta. Other events include Sunday Swerve, the 2019 European Experience Car Show, and New Year’s Eve at Sole.
In 2018, Bassfusion started his own record label, Moondaze – which is synonymous with EDM in Augusta. With eight active current artists, Moondaze is Augusta’s first and only electronic music label. Moondaze holds weekly EDM events, often benefiting local nonprofits such as the Lydia Project and Golden Harvest Food Bank.

As of today, Bassfusion’s focus is continuing to grow as an artist along with his record label. He enjoys producing and writing music in his spare time, releasing two singles in the past year. He currently holds residency at Bar on Broad, Sole, Gruebel’s MMA, and The Scene nightclub.